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AU where Levi is a French Muslim who does hella lot of parkour, and his distant relative, Mikasa, is Filipino Muslim.

Given that Mikasa has very Eastern features, likes to cover up, and wear Eren’s scarf, I thought it’d be cool to share this idea c:

(I was exposed to all sorts of Christians—Catholic, Presbyterian, Born-Again, and Iglesia Ni Cristo—so I asked my Ate Yas, whose Muslim, if anything looked uppity in this draw and so far she said everything’s cool c:)





This is a real medical condition known as Gan’s Syndrome, an ocular retinoblastoma occurring in 0.0004% of the total retinoblastoma cases. Ruptured blood vessels create often symmetrical, or at least fractal patterns and though the eye can see, visual acuity is lowered. It can be treated but never cured, though most suffering with the condition live normal lives. Gan’s Syndrome was founded by Dr. Sharon Gan.

wow, so spine chillingly beautiful. Sometimes nature is so beautiful even if it’s hindering a person’s life. 

sadly yet again another fake post
A quick google and you can see nothing by this name exists.

no its real my cousin sasuke has this

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